We do not have to plead our case 
For he took our place 
Tracing back-to Genesis 
When we were molded by His grace

His love demonstrate
Gender and race 
For we are all the same

It’s a shame 
What we are today
Is not how we were made 
To walk around with these chains

For we bear His image 
To a perfect finish 
But we’re stained with sinful rubbish

It’s self to blame
Self-most fade
Our ego trade
For a righteous change

He paved the way
So that our sins will be erased 
Our hearts engraved 
With the message that saves

Demons shack
When they see His face
The devil races
Back to his cage

His love is like a flame 
Power with in His name
From death the grave
To life, He reigns

Your guilt exchanged 
With your sins paid
Forgiveness He give
Don’t have to wait
Come to Jesus today.