Painting colors with words

Is the warm glow of an autumn afternoon,
A sunset disappearing beyond a horizon of   grey bare branches,
the leaves have escaped
In their final stages
Cluttering the ground,
Presenting a touch of amber.
burns close to the core of the fire
Intertwined with an
orange and crimson glamour.
outlines the edge of the flame
Grasping the intensity of the heat  Reciprocating its melancholy shade.
But is suffocated in the presence of oxygen
In fire and in blood
     Oxygen is a shade of life,
        Life is a shade of soul,
          and soul is the color of love.
illuminates the heart chakra
Connecting us to the earth\'s breath
It highlights the edges of thoughts to differentiate the memories from the rest.
whispers to lavender
as they melt into the royal blue
sky\'s grand finale,
Silver stars
bedazzle the void of what was once illumimated by the
golden rays of the sun
The sound of every color cascades the back of your eyelids as the light of a new day hums its song.