The Sting

As the rain gently falls
I float above the water
Breathing softly as I look up to the sky
Stars shine on this dark night and the moon illuminates his features
I feel his presence around me
Who knew that it could all be shattered in a matter of seconds
I wore my heart on my sleeve just for him to see
I may have been shy, quiet, and socially awkward but under those layers I mainly was naive
He swooped in to capture my gaze and just like a fool I was lost in his craze
Tuning out the words of warning and being rebellious in blinded glory
I fell far so quickly and was gifting my love to only him
He who blew me off in order to bring in another
The pain was subtle and sharp but there is no wound on my heart
I\'m walking away as someone who is still whole
My smile radiating for all to see

   Rebecca Jones