dusk arising




there used to be a wonderful poet on here
every day a new piece of her life would appear
with a way about her, she stood out from the crowd
you could certanly say she lived her life loud
exciting or mundane, happy or sad
poetically she\'d tell of the day she\'d had
Showing us the pain of her anorexia
seeing her specialist really depressed her
hated the thought of being fat fat fat
so made me laugh to comment on that
but sadly one day her life fell apart
she told us plainly he\'d broken her heart
now we never see that lady on here
and i always look, hoping she\'ll reappear
she\'s a natural born poet, definately gifted
to see her writing again we\'d all be uplifted
so if any of you poets know how to get in touch
tell her we miss her.........  very much