Jordy L G

The Girl In My Dreams

When nothing in this world seems peaceful, I lay my head on this pillow, thoughts whirl, they deepen.

I see a shadow of a girl, holy smile, so sweet full. 

Not a single bad bone, positive kind, so real.

Has her own problems, so selfless and gives all.

As I drift closer I can\'t help but notice, her heart broken, 

emotions closed behind doors, they are locked with no token.

She holds scars like everybody else.

But remains strong, not like anybody else.

Her beautiful brown eyes light up, like that of stars in the night sky.

How can I not but smile? She\'s like a breathe of new life.

I reach and run my fingers through her long brown hair.

Speechless, she\'s an angel, from a world afar, not here.

The warmth of her soul, a candle in the night.

I wish I had forever, but I only have tonight.

A flush of purity falls over me, dreams are born to end.

It felt like I had eternity, maybe one day we are meant.

So to the girl in my dreams,

I hope we meet again.