Coffee House

We met in a coffee house

As you spoke some unbearable truth

I’m just being ‘brutally honest’ you said

As your words became loose

I sunk into the chair

While you started to snare

Your intentions may have been good

But I promise no pain can compare

I agree with your points

While my cemented tears dry

Even though I had no choice

You made sure this was goodbye

I could of ‘palmed you off to someone else’

This earthquake rung my ears

While you covered your own back

Revealing my greatest doubts and fears

Memories have been tainted

Past lyrics faked

I was so excited to see you

Until you caused me unfair shame

You knew I was hurting

But twisted the knife deep

Right behind my back

A place I couldn’t see

You made me numb to feel

My sanity started to peel

As I told you ‘don’t start’

I now remain a blurry picture of swallowed art

I will never return to that coffee house

Or replay my favourite song

Never again taste that sweet poisoned cinnamon drink

As that’s where it ended

That’s where my heart was tore

Piece by piece

By someone I truly adored