Zack McGuire


Outlandish damn cowards cant stop this.

Plant Powered Prophet

Rock you with knowledge

Want you to try this diet with fiber feel the effects inside you.


Beefs meat getting beat like a cops shift

Mad Cow Disease leaves me needing broccoli tips.

Cant consider in the Kitchen the living conditions of each chicken

No space to move or walk just a cage to lay eggs in,

Inadequate ventilation its murder with no vacation

Frustration with forced castration on the animal plantation 

I had to stop eating bacon.

Cant talk to you if you hate this but eating pigs is outrageous.

Animals locked in cages shocked and gutted until they dont live

chopped into pieces and packaged for your visage

Its a folly of man to dominate other species

I can see theres no plan to end this insane shit

Understand at a basic don\'t eat things with faces.