This sweat dripping on our face

Only reminding us to push our pace

The sun hasn’t set, so much left to do

At the peak with the future in my view


Racing past all this doubt and fear

Looking past the darkness, it’s never been more clear

My Aspirations, your Inspirations, only through perspiration

Will we ever see it through and accomplish our ambition


Let go of all your sorrow, it can’t hold you back anymore

Tomorrow is a new day and today is the door

Bring your dreams and make them reality

From who you are, become who you want to be


Failures only pushing us higher

Setting off within us a wildfire

Ready to be left behind, because soon enough

We’ll soar ahead because we’ve had enough


Shadows run from me as my obstacles melt away

Ignore the pains of yesterday, brighten today

Each and every time I fall, I’ll rise even higher

Smoke on my trail as if I’m a wildfire


Never stared at my limits, always looking past

Only way to get to the future I see sooner, is to go fast


Once the darkness blocked out my sight

But it could never extinguish my light

Though the grief of being alone has struck before

And my goals promise me the hardship they store

The tears will never show, the blood shall never bleed

For only in this endless journey do I ever feel freed


I’ve heard one too many times, that the chances are low

And in the past my heart has been confused on where to go

Still, I refuse to let these walls close around my dreams

Refuting the impossible, for I will be more than what I seem


Something from deep inside, telling me with silence more than words

For every dream I have dreamt, for every hope that I pray to be heard

I just know it, they’ll all come true, and I won’t blow it

Racing towards the horizon, soaring above the sky, knowing my heart never tells a lie