A Different Kind

Let\'s make an oath just to break it.

Our relationship is never sturdy, we can never remain stable. 

And everyone knows I\'m loosely wired up there, but you have the nerve to pull at all my sane cables. 

I hate you. I love you. Whatever. 

We\'re on and off, light flicker, wife kicker. 

You talk loud but I write bigger. 

Don\'t trigger me, I like triggers. 

I think we made an oath just to break it. 

Not even engaged in eachother, yet we got engaged then I was stupid enough to say \"I do.\"

But I don\'t even like you. 

You sneak in her bush like Swiper. 

But I sneak up on you like Snipers. 

You\'re just a snake like vipers. 

My life hurts. 

We made this oath just to break it. 

I\'m just saying, I should of never took you from your last wife.