Christina K

Love and the Universe

Obsessed with time and space,

I can’t help but see something’s missing.

I could stare at the stars my whole life,

I could study the planets till the day I die.

But if that’s all I’m looking at,

Then I am truly seeing nothing.

If this world was a chaotic explosion,

Then why does something deep within me cry out

To the stars, to the universe?

Why do I feel a connection?

Someone has woven me into the fabric of a quilt -

They have taken time to stitch me perfectly

And place me perfectly.

The stars are the backdrop -

Hanging, glowing, shining brightly -

Connecting us to one another.

They cannot be a mistake.

They cannot be an accident.

They were placed perfectly, too.

It’s not a one-ness with the earth we feel -

There are no spirits in the trees.

There’s a God who dwells above us

He connects us together with love.

A love so potent, it holds the universe together,

A love so soft, we can feel it in a breeze.

A love so wise, we can’t doubt it.

A love so present, we can’t run from it.

So why us? We ask.

What makes us deserving of this love?

The simple answer is we’re not.

And that makes it all the more valuable.