Chloe Rachel Flisher

The Monster

I\'m going back to the way I was,
My mind going over all my flaws.
I haven\'t felt this low in a while,
So for now I paint on a fake smile.
I don\'t want people to know I\'m down,
All I want to do is go out of town.
I want to run away from it all,
Feeling like I have no one to call.
Reminding me of the past events,
My head going into self-torment.
This is hard I don\'t want this,
Someone please give me a cuddle and kiss.
On the forehead take my troubles away,
Because I\'m really struggling today.
My hearts beating erratically,
Just hug me empathetically.
I need someone just to be there,
Not to talk just be here to care.