Kadijah Siddique

Being Muslim in America



Being Muslim in America is being paranoid about who is saying what

Being Muslim in America is having to take off your niqab just so you can work.

Being Muslim in America is wondering when someone will burn your mosque down.

Scared to walk alone, scared you will be thrown, into a box of stereotypes

scared to step around the corner, just in case someone beats you

It’s someone asking where you are from, “Ohio” No like…. Where are you from. I am from Ohio, Ohio, where I have lived since the end of 4th grade. Where my converted Muslim father and Atheist Mother bought a tiny trailer in the middle of nowhere because they aren\'t rich.

Having to explain every day I am not a terrorist, isis or extremist

Questioning if you even belong here.

Questioning if you belong anywhere.


Being Muslim in America is wondering… if your neighbor has a red hat “make America great again”

Being Muslim in America is knowing when our president says “Make America Great Again” he really means Make America White and Christian Again

Knowing that I Trump had his way All Muslims would be deported back to where they came from

Knowing I\'d be sent to Iran because I am of Persian descent.

Knowing I could be killed, just for being Muslim

Scared of society I live in.

Fearing for my future children.

Fearing because my children will be dark complected.

Fearing my children\'s father might be murdered.

For being from another country

What Kind of America will it be in 30 years?

Will the people aboard the Trump Train

Stain this Country with red

And forget the white and Blue

Forget the First Amendment.

But, knowing Allah is always with me.

Knowing that if I teach my children…

To be Unapologetic strong Muslims.

That fear Allah and only Allah

They will Also be strong.

Being Muslim in American is Having to hold on to do your deen.
Being Muslim in America is being Strong.

Being Muslim in America Means, knowing Allah will protect you.

Being Muslim is about being United, standing together, and Facing the Struggles, together. United We Stand, We the Muslims vow to stand together. Vowing to open our arms to protect the poor, the weak, and the minorities. Vowing to spread peace, and break through the wall of stereotyping. Spreading peace, because Islam comes from the Arabic word Salam that means peace.  Asking Allah, making a great Dua.

Ya Rub, guide us through these difficult times. United us all, and take away the pain from the suffering. Guide those who are misguided. I have no power to change anything without you. Create a new Chapter for us all, Ameen.