What a wonderful time

Farrs and Mars and so many bars
What a wonderful time away 😍
We\'re feeling so very happy
With this lovely holiday 🏖
We partied until the little hours
Oh every kind of booze 🍸
Decided to be a wee bit wild
And get cute matching tattoos ✒
That beautiful sun, I\'m pretty sure
We\'ve had our fair share of vitamin D ☉
And sure all them delicious cocktails
Are jam packed with vitamin c 🍹
We made some incredible friends from there,
It truely was a blessing 💓
We\'ll be back for some more crack
The mischief and the messing 🙊
Home time now, sat aboard the plane
Belfast here we come 🛫
Lets hope we\'ve stuck a bit of luck
And brought home the lovely sun 🌞