Mad Universe

I am lost.
Lost in an infinite universe that\'s expanding into even more infinite dimensions.
Sometimes im not even sure which one I exist in.
am I like the Cheshire?
grinning as I vanish between different realities?
dissolving my awareness when I feel the weight of gravity?
but then there are times I relate to the rabbit
I\'m always late
to where i don\'t know
I always feel time is slipping away
but i don\'t know where I\'m in a hurry to go
time is irrelevant if the universe is infinite...
isn\'t it?
I could be a twin overwhelmed with tweedly dumb questions
but sometimes ignorance is blissfully accepted.
I could relax on a leaf beneath one of the many trees
on a leaf fit for me because I perceive it to be.
and speak in what one may only comprehend as riddles
blowing boisterous overly confident smoke rings
as I explain my theories to the sheep for giggles.
sometimes you can lose yourself in thinking too much.
try to wear a hat to keep it all under one train of thought.
this overwhelming large expanding universe and all of its dimensions
alternate realities,
 timelines and circumvisions,
was made to fit snuggly inside of your head
along with the characters who at one time we\'ve all been.
because outside is in and inside is out
and falling is neither up nor down
It\'s all an illusion we create to exist
thoughts gathered over time in a collective consciousness.
we\'re all mad here

just not all aware

We are the universe together separating its consciousness to compare.
our journey is our choice we made long before we could remember
when we get lost we are the voice in our head we ocasionally hear whisper.
\"remember that time we often wondered how it would feel?\"
\"to experience things through a looking glass that made things almost seem real\".