Congratulations society you made me think im ugly as shit.

Congratulations princess Disney movies for telling me I should be think as stick.

Congratulations Donald trump for telling the world that fighting solves every damn problem in life.

Congratulations Instagram for telling how much people are worth or how hot you are.

Congratulations famous singers for making songs about sex cause sex is more important than hafe of those millions of kids deal in with depression, ocd, anxiety, cancer.

Congratulations Kylie Jenner everyone is focusing on you than child hunger

Congratulations make-up for telling girls their ugly.

Congratulations America for getting Donald trump as out 45th President.

Congratulations to the people reading this cause you have gotten to the end, before you think I gone nuts.

If I were to tell you the world was going to End what would you do.

Fighting isn\'t going to work.

Putting on make-up may make you look hot but that\'s not gonna help.

Taking a Instagram selfie isn\'t gonna help.

Have a party isn\'t gonna be exciting.

Cause I want to die with no regrets, what about you?

So thank you for thoset helping mr making this world a better place each and every damn way.