They say he lost his mind


They say he lost his mind

He was a regular person, they say.

Had  10 guns…

Took a room in a high floor so that he to have a wide landscape down below.

A regular man, who just lost his mind.

No records or evidence,  or hints of the monster from within.


So many questions of the easy ways to access weapons.

So many questions about the conditioned minds of people praising the second amendment.

So many questions of innocent people who rely on government’s basic obligation to secure them.


He lost his mind and so many were injured and lost their lives.


What is the switch bottun that turns a “regular ordinary man” into a monster?

I remember asking this question about the holocaust..


So many unanswered questions about the most evolved animal – human,

Who can turn into a cruel monster in an easy, indifferent, unpredicted and unexpected way.