Accidental Poet

Poets of MPS


‘Tis with a trusting heart

Upon a poet’s ear I lean

Cause they’re the only ones

Who really know what I mean


Like on a conveyor belt

From somewhere deep within

Words destined for poetic birth

Incubation complete and penned


Quite often I’m stopped in my tracks

To me, a thought occurs

Suddenly my mind on alert

With the onslaught of words


“Quick,” said I

“Must write that down”

For in the blink of an eye

It’ll be gone without a sound


Especially in the early morn

How the words seem to flow

Like a swift moving river

To the page it goes


So to you

My sisters and brothers

We’re all poetic siblings

From diverse mothers


A common gift we all share

Respect for the written word

Notions of beauty and wonder

Deep in the heart we heard


With persistence we’ll

Stay up late at night

Or wake from the dead of sleep

All for the privilege to write


I salute you all

Poets of MPS

May your pens never run dry

And your muse never digress


Copyright © Accidental Poet 2017