Shade Of My Shadow by: eddy styx & Hood

Shade Of My Shadow


…innocent as
a calf at slaughter,
was your way
of presentation.

you trailed me
within my shadow,
so I would
hardly notice you.

but everywhere
I went you followed,
like some stalker

days came
nights went,
ever so slowly
like liquid ooze.

The shade of my shadow

Darkens in the streetlight glow

Stalks me; hunts me

Follows every bloodied footstep I go

The shade of my shadow

Blackens in the moonlight flow

Tracks me, haunts me

Follows every crimson footprint I go

I felt the sting
of transformation,
as year followed
repetitious year.

Gradually changes marred
my smooth fair skin,
Cigarettes and booze
have left me altered.

The ravages
clearly show,
even after
reforming my reckless ways.

ever are you silently there
when screamingly,
I confront you

with defiant eyes.

With my frustrated
piercing cry,
the only sound
you make is...

…tick tock! Tick-tock!