WL Schuett

Windowless House

she was like the 

atmosphere of a thunderstorm 

I easily slip between 

the past and the present 

the air was charged 

so electric and warm 

current rippled through 

the fabric of mutual consent 


we we had a long history 

of helpless courage 

blinded by lust and 

afraid to move on 

a windowless house 

doors were dislodged 

a porch where our most 

intimate feelings were drawn 


I wish I had the power 

to shut down the wind 

to move a mountain aside 

or to start all over again 


we couldn\'t close the door 

we weren\'t sure was there 

soft warm and still 

it hung in the air 

we knew we were moving 

to the end of the line 

life is too short not to 

be foolish sometimes 


but I just had a glance 

into the river of romance 

this much I can say 

that I know how things were 

and that I can\'t stay here

any longer without her