OH MY ! POETIC SIDE ~ A 2 2 6 4 Rhyming Sonnet



OUR POETIC SIDE ~ is an awesome site

HAPPY Encouraging both ~ Day & Night


MEETING with Poets all over the World

YOUNG & OLD ~ with their MUSES unfurled !


POETRY comes from the Heart ~ not the Mind

OPEN & SENSITIVE ~ That\'s what we find

EVERYONE\'S Caring and Sharing their Lives

TRADING the Poems ~ which their MUSE supplies

I POST what I think ~ I POST what I feel

CARE POEMS genuine ~ all of them REAL


SITES POETIC are ~ Good Bad & Ugly 

I  FIND MPS ~ Positive ~ Snugly

DON\'T CRITICISE the ones ~ who break a ROOL

EVERYONE is sincere ~ ALL OF US KOOL !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Hugs BRIAN


When I\'m OFF LINE ~ I get MPS withdrawal symptoms !