Carpe Diem

Witness the hail of shadows piercing down from the sky

Filled with malicious intent, sending out lie after lie

Pulling the blinds, they\'re trying to take away our sun

Refuse to let them take the day before it\'s even begun


The clouds crack open and start raining down a wave of despair

Dark waters rising all around, the pain becoming too much to bare

Sinking and thrashing at once, drowning and now calling out

Left to face a towering wall built upon all our fear and doubt


Retreating to the solace of our still burning hearts

Claiming the fire of hope, to which we\'ll never be apart

Soaring above the storm of terror and endless misery

Reaching for the sun and the future we want to see


Phantoms rise for one final blow

To the gates of gloom we\'ll never go

For deep within our souls we know

Our dreams can triumph against any foe


When darkness begins to surround

Break the silence, shatter with sound

Burn brighter until the shadows recede

Yell louder until you\'ve done the deed

Never stop until you\'re freed