WL Schuett

Never a doubt

I took my dreams 

and I wondered 

who would walk with me 

On that pale moonlit trail 


I shifted through my dreams

and I wondered 

who would hold my heart 

when it breaks 

who would keep on holding 

till it mends 


in those dreams 

there is always one 

who walks with me along 

life’s dark and twisted byway 


when I awake 

will I wonder 

who will be my friend 

who will be there till the end 

who will walk with me 

on that pathway of life 

who will take my hand 

and hold on tight 

who will share the fears 

all through the years 

who will whisper those 

sweet things in my ear 

who will listen and comprehend 

all those conversations I begin 

without them all floating away

in the wind 


now I am awake 

and I see 

who has traveled

with me 

down life’s wide 

and lonely highway 

who wears my arm band 

who holds my flag high 

who helps me be all I can be 


in the shadowland of dreams 

she was right beside me 

I knew it 

I know it