You Don\'t Own Me

You don\'t own me. I wasn\'t made or your enjoyment- your pleasure. I wasn\'t made so you could break my heart over and over again just so I\'d come crawling back to say \"I Love You\". I wasn\'t born to be thrown around and made a fool of. You and your friends play with the wrong toys- and I\'m not even one of those. I\'m not your slave, I won\'t hang on to every word that comes out of your mouth and take it to the grave. I\'ll tell the whole world- shout it at the top of my lungs until I can\'t breathe- can\'t speak.

You\'ll be pushed to the bottom of the chain you were never at the top of. And then it will end. You\'ll fade away like the rest of your kind who think you can throw women around like they\'re basketballs. Changing is your choice. But staying faithful and loyal is mine.

 You don\'t own me. If anything we were made to have our way with you. All you do is pass us back and forth in a game of catch we can\'t get out of. So we change the direction- into your face- punching back until we\'re forced to stop because that\'s how much pain               you put us through.             

You. Don\'t. Own. Us.