Our Legacy In Bondage

Our true paths mislead by our fake intuition, lied to by our teachers of this secular institution. From High school dropouts, to drug dealers, and victims of main stream prostitution.

The intellect of our minds distorted by the enemy making our lives an illusion, a disguised and fake, deceitful technological distraction. 

We stray so far from the truth, quickly stripping away the innocence of our youth, day by day reassuring that everything will be okay, but we end up forgetting to teach the useful value of good character until its too late.

Subliminal messages turning into ingrained subconscious thoughts crowding their minds, no wonder our children grow up in the midst of a fallen world surrounded by terrible sins and horrid crimes

But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord, the King Of Kings, and the God of Most High.

Once, in so much of our own bondage, chains shackled to the hearts of the ones we love most and, sometimes we never make it in time to save them from their own demons inside of them, they die then.

Forever suffering because I was too busy, distracted by the people only close to me, protecting the future and the success of only my family.

Love is for all, take the time for them, get your mind focused on leaving a legacy who will remember He who made them, live for Him, and not just them.