Witch & Werewolf

With Bastet tattooed upon the left of my back

and Anubis down my right

I tell this tale of witch and werewolf upon paper this hallowed night

My Lotus is waiting to be a tattoo upon the small of my royal back

So that my Egyptian God won\'t ever lose sight of me

We Witches have forever been a perfect match for thee Lycan masculine breed

Its like my Wolf Man is waiting with dagger in hand to give me forever what I will forever need

Upon His Royal Steed

We have freed ourselves through a pact with the Light of Yahweh


Amen Ra


With the Great Owl of Babylon upon my left Shoulder to cover up the thought of ever being dead

Witch and Werewolf this Halloween

Samhain (Sowen), to the Welsh of yore

In splendor shall we live eternal

The Ankh must be upon my left forearm and, on my right the word L O V E In An Egyptian tongue I have yet to see for certain

I know that hieroglyphs and animal totems will dance upon my rite 

As I dance upon the sands of love along the Niles longest shores

With my hand fasting with my werewolf, I won\'t ever again need to soar the skies

Envy dies much easier this way

The besom was meant to keep the rubbish off our floors

To stand like the Witches once did when trials still scarred the land

The Lycan and the Maiden, Mother, and Crone that is Me were always meant to become an All Hallows\' Eve tale to out stand the many trials and tribulations of Father Time....