Accidental Poet

Drunk on Love

Drunk on Love


You wake up in the morning

A different person than the night before

A rare smile on your face

A smile of love forevermore


That was just the beginning

Of what for me is ageless

The passion of love within

Worth many a lifetime’s wages


Yes I’m drunk on love

But is that not our life’s goal?

Someone’s smile in our heart

To thoroughly enrich our soul


I drink of her smile

Every day and night

Let it intoxicate me

To feed my inner light


For she is the inspiration

That turns my lyrical wheels

Sharon, the truest love of my life

For no one else has love felt so real


Believe you not

That money makes the world go round

It’s the feeling deep in your heart

For that certain smile you found


Love is worth more

Than all the world’s diamonds and gold

Heaven in your arms, you’ll think

For love can’t be bought or sold


And love for this woman

Will be my biggest weakness

My greatest strength

Spawned from her uniqueness


Copyright © Accidental Poet 2012