Christopher Aaron

Her Beauty

Her beauty was not facial

It was a purity, a deep-seated beauty

An inner elegance which allured me.

Instantly captivated and hypnotized

By her innocence, her eagerness to do good,

To be good...she was fascinating, enticing

Compelling me to furbish my inner self

Likewise with integrity and morality

My spirit hungered for that type of

Relationship. Not body to body, not face

To face, but spirit to spirit. The physical

Could wait. First and most important was

To integrate internally, the facial and physical

Connection would instinctively follow.

The union of spirit to spirit, of soul to soul,

mind to mind, a unification of faith,

of emotions, of purpose, then body to body,

Would all follow each other like

The cars on a freight train are linked,

Hand in hand (you might say)

One pulling, the others following.

The union of spirit and soul was

The locomotive, then followed their faith,

Minds, emotions and purpose...

In no particular order except the last:

The physical. This last most likely was

The initial incentive for them to pursue a

Relationship, but all the carriages

Contributed significantly to the train’s

Velocity and accuracy in arriving at

Its final destination...

A complete and total integration!


c aaron