First heartache

The most beautiful man I\'d ever seen,
Asked for my email,
He was my dream,
In two years we married,
And life was pure bliss,
We soon had a son,
Oh how I reminisce,
Four year of marriage,
Quickly came to an end,
The man in my life,
Broke vows with my friend,
I laid in my bathroom,
Took razors to my wrist,
Feeling so hopeless,
I did not want to exist,
My soul has been stripped,
He\'s \"realized his mistake\",
But there is no way to get back,
The promises we made,
These scars now remind me,
My self-worth is not based,
On evil actions of others,
And the betrayals I faced,
A real husband doesn\'t cheat,
And a real friend wouldn\'t lie,
They are not worth these tears,
I continue to cry,
But God has me now,
No, I wont take you back,
Your friendship is fake,
You both were an act,
I cannot wait for the day,
When I lay next to a man,
Who know what love means,
I know it\'s God\'s plan,
Please just remember,
Those who have been brutally hurt,
That even if you can\'t see it,
God knows your worth.