McKinsey Rose Lynn

The Town That Fell Silent

 Come one, come all. Vist this near town. You can find it by crossing them train tracks, over yonder. But make sure to be prepared, this town isnt for the faint of heart. When the clock strikes midnight, follow these here instructions if you want to visit this unknown town. You\'ll only need a working flashlight and a pair of feet in order for this to work. Step onto them train tracks, set the flashlight down gently. Now the light should of lit up some of the tracks, right? Now close your eyes, and count till you hear the train in the far distance. You should be facing the train, keep on counting now. Don\'t stop for anything. 

  Once the train draws closer, close enough you can go deaf from the horn. Open your eyes. Stare that train in its eyes. Let it pass threw you, it wont hurt you. Once its done passing you, you\'ll feel faint. But look around, the scenery is different. Its dead silent, and now daylight. Go on, wonder around the town. You\'ll find no one waitng up in their homes, or even the store. You\'re all alone. In this silent town. How does it feel? To be completley alone? Go to the old Christan Church, the old one down by the stream. 

  Go on, take a peak inside. What do you see? These dead bodies may it be? You look terrified, look up at the ceiling and it all will go away. Or maybe not, fore you chose this to be. Your deepest desire, was to be forever alone. So here you go, your friends and family are here with you of course. Look towards the alter, each hanging from a rope. Aw, trying to run back to the traintrack i see. Better hurry as for its getting dark. The nightime is no place for the living. No the nightime is when the dead rise up from their graves.  

  You wanted this remember? You wanted to be alone. But i have no control over the dead. As the moon shines bright above the sky, look at your body. Look at your hands. You are dead. Theres no going back now.