Detroit Homicide

Detroit Homicide

On a dark and rainy day
A unique case came across my desk
A young girl found in the woods
Her corpse half devoured by pests

At first glance, I thought it just another homicide
Here in Detroit, they are as common as stars
But the crime photo was so interesting
There was an obvious pattern to her scars

I decided to take the case, so I set out for the forest
Investigators were already hard at work looking for clues
But I instantly noticed something odd...
Everything was blue

From her dress to her eyes, even a strand of her hair
Her socks and shoes, even some trees were painted blue
I\'m sure they all noticed
But didn\'t think it a clue

I wrote it down in my notes
Our killer had some sort of passion for colors
Unfortunately it\'s not enough
I\'m gonna have to wait and see if there are others

LukeCoomer ©