God blessed us with a beautiful world.

He made the animals smile

The fruit grow

And the wind blow with the warmth of his love.

He had given us Eden, he had given us life.

We were nothing less than perfection.

We were happy.

We frolicked with the animals and ate the sweet fruit from the trees.

Our purity and innocence induced a golden bliss upon us.

We promised to take care of his perfect creation, and in return he gave us the world.

It was ours from the grass to the sea,

Excpet for one special tree.

Upon questioning God, he stated, \"You must not eat fruit from that tree, and you must not touch it, or you will die.\"

We followed his command but our innocent minds could not prepare for IT.

A horrible creature that entered through her.

It smiled with love, It talked with style

It seduced her, Its scales of deciet going unnoticed

She trusted the creature and ignored my warning.

Its teeth gnarled with evil intent, Its soul dosed in darkness.

Yet It seduced me as well.

It implanted Itself into our minds, a web of lies forming in our head, solidifying into truth.

Then one day It led us to that special tree.

It threatened us with leaving, saying It would never return.

It told us to eat the fruit, a coy smile stretching across Its face.

We were ignorant to Its manipulation and deciet.

We forgot the warnings provided to us.

We gave into Its desire and ate.

It laughed, watching as our minds opened to the same evil It was created from.

It watched maniacally as It destroyed us.

And then, It left.

Our world now dark, our minds now evil, and our bodies now dying.