i\'m the one to blame

I smile and laugh wildly, having fun with my friends

They don’t know what a huge lie, i have to pretend

To my friends I’m the funniest girl who’s so full of life

But they don’t know how many times, I’ve held a bloody knife


To them I’m the girl, who loves to strut down the street,

Yet they don’t even know that I feel so incomplete

To my friends my laughter can spread,

They don’t know, inside my happiness is dead

To my friends my smile can brighten up their day

They don’t know that I’ve shut my feelings away


I’m locked in a prison, one I can’t escape

A place where my sole is constantly raped

In my prison there is no love or spark,

All alone, tired, desperate and left in the dark


In the dark there is this monster in the dark waiting for the kill

The danger sends out terrifying chill

I’ve faced this monster before, it’s dressed in disguise

My spirit breaks down further, slowly releasing its cries



I have had enough so I bring out my knife

Piecing my skin figuring out how to end my life


I know it’s nobody’s fault; I’m the one to blame

After all I’m the one causing myself the pain