Ocean Waves

People who read my poems say \"that\'s really deep\" or maybe if they think they understand \"wow your a really sad person in your core\".

So I tried writing a happy poem, and it went something like this:

I gave my sunshine the colors to paint the grass. But he didn\'t understand that sometimes the grass could be greener on the other side, and that sometimes where we are isn\'t where we want to be. 

But I gave him my artist pallet anyways, because oh how I wanted to be painted by the sun.  

And then I quickly realized that I had lost all color lost in the artist pallet. I gave up my colors for a fake sunset as it bled out all of the magic. 


So I tried to write another one:



and I think you understand what it is like to be enough. You understand that in life you may not always get to be the sunshine, but you can most definitely be the waves crashing against  the shore. Soft enough to love you back, but strong enough to drowned you.

And could you imaging painting a ocean?