Carmine Branco


The beat of a restless heart.

Long gems of pain and desire. 

The sound of shattered glass, 

time has an unbearable way 

to show you what you were 

and what you\'ve  become. 

So for you they are useless words!

For me they are tremors of life. 

I\'ve given all I had, but  it\'s not enough

for you. I tremble at the thought of dying. 

But I\'m not fearful of death itself. 

I\'ve lost all inhibitions and so

I long for a taste of flesh. 

I believe that this would quench 

my thirst,  but it\'s like a hunger 

I can\'t be satisfied of, as it burns

my mind and soul. 

I imagine a forbidden shrine

and I,  the high priest entering 

the holy of holies, there, tightly shut on

Mortal eyes, to ignore and forget. 

But you let me in to savour your taste 

of your tender fruit of milk and honey. 

Not an inch untouched, not a secret unveiled

and you drink the very life of me and we

live our fallen Eden. I never knew your name. 

You never asked me mine, but I know that i

will drink again, the rivers of your enchanted wine.