Please Sleep


I lay and try to sleep
Instead I think of the secrets I keep
I lay and think of worst desire
Like how I wish to catch the world on fire
I lay and think of all the wrong
I lay and think of every song
I lay awake and remember why
Remember why I wanted to die
I lay awake and the knife
Remember why I kept my life
At night I lay and ponder
And wonder if there\'s something fonder
At night I lay and think
How the tears ran like a kitchen sink
 Up at the latest hour 
I wonder about a higher power
Up at the latest nights
I lay and think of all the fights
I lay and beg myself to sleep
I know even when I do
My thoughts will not conclude
The nightmares will follow me there
I\'ll wake with such a scare
That it turns sleep into a dare
For now I lay my head 
Lightly upon my bed
And ask myself
Please Sleep!