I\'m sorry...

...that I\'m so stubborn

...that I act without thinking

...that I get carried away by my emotions

...that I\'m insecure

...that I get easily jealous

...that I lash out at you

...that I\'m a selfish person

...that I love you more than you love me

...that I can\'t be who you want me to be 

...that I can\'t be the one you deserve


You treated me well

You told me the truth

You loved me despite my many flaws

You overlooked my bad traits

Thank you for all the good times

 I love you with all your flaws like you loved me with all of mine

Your flaws make you who are

They make me love you more than I already do

I\'m not the easiest person to be with

But thanks for putting up with me


Yet you are gone and I\'m still here

All I can say as I see you move on with your life is...