Girl With The Black Hair

Girl with the black hair 
Stay away from me
You feed on positivity and you emit dispair 

The event was in memory of a lost loved one, but that didn’t matter to you
A storm in a tea cup you could certainly brew

It seems that no matter where I go I find you there
Conjuring up a way to cause trouble 
Stay away from me..
​​​​​​Girl with the black hair 

Every event I attend 
Every night out in town
If you\'re tagging along then it\'s a garuntee that some kind of shit\'s about to go down 

Why can\'t you just enjoy yourself?
Just like others do?
Without causing trouble, the motivatation of wich is to ensure attention is on you

Somehow you have the ability to turn blue skys grey
You\'re never happy unless you\'re ruining everyones day

So you just found out your boyfriend kissed another girl three months ago?
Well life\'s not fair. .
Just stay away from me
Girl with the black hair

I go out to enjoy myself,
forget my troubles and not care.
Not to disturb the peace unlike the girl with the black hair  

If I find you\'re invited to a future event then I will have to eschew.
Yes I\'ll sacrifice a night out with friends, just to stay away from you

I\'m the opposite of you, not a trouble maker, shit stirrer or hypocrite 
I sincerely wish you the best of luck with your life because you\'re going to need it

You can choose friends but not family, that much is true
Therefore I choose peace..
I choose not to choose you