\"Cupid Missed\"

I\'m really sorry girl, it\'s hard trying not to hurt you,
But it seems I\'ve broke your heart way more times than a curfew,
I don\'t know why I act like this, it\'s something I can\'t explain,
But I did you so wrong, I can\'t keep putting you through pain

You\'ve been down for me for 2 years, but I still failed to see,
That in this world of numbers, you\'re the only one for me,
You used to get mad at me, and I used to get mad at you,
But at the end of the day, every problem we worked through

Let\'s be honest, I only wanted you for one thing,
You wanted commitment, your mind was too mature for a fling
When I said that I loved you, I knew that I was lying,
It was too easy, best secret kept without trying

Remember when you were sick of me, and didn\'t wanna be friends?
It seemed like every time you cut me off, you came running back again,
I took advantage of that, I had you wrapped around my finger,
I knew the more I took you back, the more that you would linger

Like Usher, if I\'m gonna tell it then I gotta tell it all,
I confess that I ignored my phone every time that you called
The way that I treated you shawty it should be against the law,
Every time that you swam to me I just ate you up like jaws

I remember when you visit me and we made out that one night,
When all that kissing turned to sucking, pulling, hickies and bites,
I wanted every single part of you, but you ain\'t give it up,
Best believe I was mad, things just we\'rent adding up

How could we do all this stuff, but never finish it tho?
You didn\'t wanna feel used, that\'s not the way that you roll,
You wanted more out of me, wanted to be by my side,
But I was a total jerk, made you the chick on the side

Only Lord knows that I was wrong, I made an awful mistake,
I was so sour to a girl that was sweeter than cake,
Please forgive me for all of the times I was selfish and stubborn,
And for causing all the tears that your sunglasses cover

I\'m not asking for a second chance because I don\'t deserve it,
Trust is something sacred and I broke and unearned it,
I left you feeling so empty and the bridge may be burnt,
But if you do get this letter just know I mean every word