How am i selfish?
I sacrificed it all for you.
How am i selfish?
I thought i did all i could do.
How am selfish?
When everything i did had your best interest at heart.
How am i selfish?
When i was only about you from start.
You know what\'s selfish?
Only caring about yourself when i was involved in your situations.
You know what\'s selfish?
Persuading others i was wrong so you benefit using manipulation.
You know what\'s selfish?
When i listen to your problems and you dont hear mine because your more important.
You know whats selfish?
Is me having me your back but when the roles reversed its no supporting.

When she needed help i was there i was her savior i saved her,she never did for me what i did for her it was never favor for favor.
What the definition of selfish?
The lack of consideration for others.
And since tour parents didn\'t care about you then maybe you get that shit from your mother.
How do we stop being selfish?
We put our egos to the side and start to care for what the other person is feeling,if i got your back and you hurt I\'m here to help thru the healing.if im with you im with you thru the best and the worst of your dealings,and if i dont know what your saying then I\'ll learn to understand what your feeling....i say that to say this....
We a team im your teammate if your in need then I\'ll be here to help,put that pride to the side and stop thinking all you need is yourself.if that\'s the case then im leaving it\'s probably best you be by yourself.

Are you selfish?