He was personified as Damien in \'The Omen Trilogy,\'

In \'The Exorcist,\' he took possession of Regan\'s soul,

Mia Farrow gave birth to him in \'Rosemary\'s Baby,\'

Through Gabriel Byrne in \'End of Days\' he sought world domination on the whole.

A womanizing seducer in \'The Witches of Eastwick he set female hearts on fire,

\'Legend,\' saw Tim Curry as the archetypical demon in red ,

Lucifer took on a new meaning as Terence Stamp in \'The Company of Wolves,\'

In \' The Passion of the Christ,\' he appeared as a female instead.

The fallen angel from heaven,

The Prince of Darkness roams the earth to devour those in his wake,

In fantasy and reality he continues to mesmerise, fascinate and entice,

 He\'s extra-vigilant to see which individual\'s spirit he can break.