Jordy L G

A Shooting Star

Approaching daily life, lost but in routine.

Floating with the ocean waves, content is what I seemed.

Little was I to know, as a tide crashed over me,

a figure of such beauty, would clutch my heart and seize.

I could sense her graceful aura, was this timing all but fate?

She defined the word perfection. Her smile would captivate.

Infatuated by her presence, any doubts I deprecate.


Not a day goes by where she isn’t on my mind. 

Gazing into her sky blue eyes makes time stand all but still a while.

As we begin to grow closer, every step is worth the climb.

Such elegance and kindness, a kind of rarity hard to find.

Like carving down the rock to find the diamond deep inside. 

A soul of purity and warming touch easily identified.

If my reality is in fact my dreams, what I would do to tackle time.

You can zap me to a different world, I would find her with no maps, guides and signs.


Her smile could ignite a flame, burning through the night.

There is no competition, she is in first place by a million miles.

Her voice, touch and ways, not a single thing I would change.

The love that is in her heart, is that of a love you can not contain.

To me she is flawless in every possible way.

Picking at her black nail varnish, next to me she would lay.

I can see when she is tired, not once does she complain.

I can see when she is stressed, but calm she will remain.

Her giggle and her smile, will forever make my day.

Together two comets collide, lighting up the sky, as worries wash away.

I will always be your shoulder for when the weight of the boulder begins to strain.

If this be our path of destiny, take my hand I will lead the way.

You have my trust, heart and soul on any given day.

You made me believe in fate.

A shooting star.



Jordy x