I Come Boldly in Jesus\' Name

I come boldly,

not just before the thrown,

but before those on earth.

In Jesus\' name,

I come boldly before the woman I see.

I know exactly what to say.

In Jesus\' name,

I stand before the man taller than me.

I find five round stones next to me.

In Jesus\' name,

I see the homeless man I want to help,

That I can help,

and say, \"Hear is my last two fish and five loaves\".

In Jesus\' name,

I stand boldly in everything that I do.

When I see the old being mistreated,

I do not walk by.

There is no telling in these situations exactly what will happen.

Still, I know in Jesus\' name,

That I will stand boldly,

and that I will not be afraid.