Alex Arnot

Deadly Lie

Your outlook favored the good in life

Ignorance, your only crime

But that darkness always followed

To strike you at the perfect time


She called for you to join her

She looked into your eyes and smiled

Your eager body outpaced your mind

A tender heart so easily beguiled


Then she asked you for your soul

To display in arrogance and never cherish

Finally enlightened you walked away

And brought her lie that would make you perish


And soon her venom filled your veins

A verbal bite that scarred your face

All the judging fingers pointed

To the invisible ink that wrote disgrace


She told a lie that sealed your fate

An angel weeping by your side

Your body lays in poisoned slumber

And she just laughed and sipped her wine


The end delivered through metal fangs

Final words you couldn\'t say

For eyes of malice looked upon you

As the gleam in yours did fade away.