Depression, Aniexty, Loneliness

These are not 3 separate things. They are one well oiled machine.

A vehicle, and these 3 things drive it forward. And I am riding shotgun. Riding shotgun to a destination I don\'t wanna go.

The scenery of life passes in my passenger window, but through the front window I see the things that scare me the most. The things that keep me still, unmoving, unable to open the door and jump.

So I bring my attention to the small world that is in my hand. Bouncing from place to place, but this, this only makes me realise that even in the world that I am able to hold in my hands, i am alone.

This loneliness I feel bring the aniexty of always being alone, which cause my depression.

And with that drives the car to go faster to a destination I don\'t wanna go.