Tyquill Jones

I miss you
More than you could ever imagine
I wish you never gotten on your bike
That day, or if you would have worn a helmet
You would still be here
I would do anything if i could go back
To that day and make you wear a helmet
Or maybe i would move the rock
That you busted your skull open on
Or maybe i would i would poke a hole in your tire
Just something that would bring you back to me
I know we made fun of eachother
and teased each other a lot
But i\'m lost without you
I need you to come back
I need you with me
I may look fine but i\'m not
There\'s not a day that goes by where i don\'t think about you
Everything we ever did together
i can\'t donow because it hurts
I hurts more than you could ever understand
And if you\'re wondering if i would switch places with you
The answer would be no
Because it\'s way harder living without your best friend
Than being with the lord
I could never switch places with you,
that would be cruel to do to my best friend
And that you will always be
I\'ve often thought about
Ending all the pain
Ending all the suffering
And join you
But I have people in my life now
Who would miss me
And I love knowing
That you are watching over me
Keeping me safe
watching me grow up
And when\'s the best comes
Which will be when I join you
Will be when i’m truly happy
My best friend Tyquill