Sometimes the need, the want, the desire.

To feel that rush, 

Completely consumes me,

Since I know it always ends with a gush, 

Then right at the thought of your body touching mine the blood shoots through my veins,

Just as my natural fluids drip from inside of me,Moistening in between my legs,

The only thing better then the receptivity at the onset of this desired encounter is the feeling of your body entering mine

Together we glide back and forth

Sweat running all over our bodies

Our bodies feel so meant to be together, in many precise positions, 

Each time we come together we both rush to touch every piece of the others body, pulling each other closer and closer waiting to feel the many spots we have already found on each other enjoying each one as they occur, 

While still rushing to find many more spots that create that electrifying feeling that we both enjoy gifting the other.