kevin browne

Raindrops On My Blanket.

Those lonely days passed that I so miss my loving home
Those early years passed that I so miss now I\'m on my own
God, take me back, take me to where I once stood beside my mum
Now stuck out on the streets again where winds do hiss and growl
Leaving home ain\'t easy but became apparent it\'s necessarily so
I walked a million miles flat broke with holes in both my shoes
Wandering around, scared, homicidal, lifeless and unknown
A horrid cough sleeping rough where hearty shop steps roam
Raindrops on my blanket soaking up my failing damaged soul 
Shivers in the sunshine when all I lost was never really mine
Scents of passing bakery since I saw the door was always closed
A penny in a pocket is a penny in a pie if ever there was time
Scratching \'help the homeless\' on my ragged heart felt the pain
Whisper me and a voice who I thought was God called my name
Knelt down on my hope and said \"help me, help me, my life is dead\"
Dirtied up underneath a life as I sat in puddles of pouring rain
Weather splashing on me watching reflections of my life going by
I smoke a little high, became the invisible man, I ain\'t so bad
Feelings of self-pity washed upon the shore where I sea shelled 
On I went along the side of life looking like a broken flower
Memories touched up the imagery around the corners of my losses
Where victory overrode my demise if manicness started screaming
Running rivers ran wildly beside rose gardens that appeared to drown
Love is like a life falling from the sky when I was feeling down
Another day underneath a tree dreaming of all the things I wrote
Passing people throw a slice of bread topped up with sips of love
Worrying aimlessly and unsystematically thinking where my road ends
Therefore, the heart is where I ask myself why is this a living hell
Losing trust, losing faith, losing conscience and losing my ways
Forgotten troubles bubble up inside boiling away like something else
Thoughts have caused dreams to develop but I have nowhere else to hide
From town to town looking for some narcotics to destroy a dying man
Where my family has no contact and inside my heart begins to dwell
Been around the world 15 times already as the sun comes up again 
Flattened on the paving slabs where I had left a piece of Jesus Christ
Crucifixion circumstances stand above the lord for he has let me down
Though the blame took me back to my roots where a roast dinner shines
Forgive the torturous sentiments life has to offer, take it, it\'s mine
Tastes of life on the tongue speaking about the turning points I had
Another story of when I met a lonely girl living just the same as me
Her name was Lorca and she told me she had nothing left in her heart to
So I kissed her and we fell in love holding hands everywhere we went
God had listened to my voice when I was down and out and nowhere left to go
But things got better when I landed myself a job helping out the needy
That one thing I learnt was that altogether they taught me a simple thing
Keep your heart crossed over someone else\'s dream because if it comes true
Then a part of that sitting in my mind sharing some inspirational times
Those days are over, we have a home, we love each other so this story is done
With one last thing when I picked up the telephone and the world had carried on
Hearing my mother\'s voice crying after 10 years I thought my mind had gone
And how astonishingly the fault of innocence had led me right back home