The Earth moved

The Earth moved.
Sharon Maria Moemise

Devour me with your hungry sight
Drink in my damp and lusty plight
I fill my lips with the hardness of you
Quenching my thirst from your musky brew

Every inch of my writhing body you sear
With your tongue, it\'s too much to bear
Your deftly fingers touching, stroking my core
Making me moan, cry out and beg for more

As I float on a cloud of dark heady sensation
My every inch delighting in deep dark fornication
You pierce my centre with your hungry hardness
My quivering core accepting, leaving me breathless

Assaulting my body with deep, yet gentle thrusts
Making me loose myself, your control over me, unjust
As my gasping breath quickens, your deep thrusts gain urgency
I wander from my soul, clinging for dear life to your strong body

Oh yes, I quench my thirst from your sweet musky brew
While you feed your hunger from my overflowing pot of honeydew
As you skillfully manhandle my body in every delicious way
I quiver and shiver in an explosive climax that turns night into day