Sisters Play

Two girls play on the floor,
Sisters play,
There\'s a young man they both adore,
I pity him, he\'s prey.

The oldest shared with him secrets,
Friends they were to him,
Pitiless the boy fancied the younger, regrets.
She mistook his love for weakness. Love him!

Slaves, they don\'t know how to handle themselves,
Morning comes the get up and go to school,
They stack their books, many piles on shelves,
I feel so bad for the boy, they made him a fool.

But he\'ll be okay,
Many girls wish to love him,
He\'ll be okay, that\'s what the girls say,
Somebody will love him.

The sisters will find other guys too,
Sisters play,
They\'ve been with the prettiest of men too,
Their old mother they\'d never obey.

Sisters will play,
For right or wrong, to please, raw
They will have to face tough facts one day,
They won\'t always get through life with ease.

They\'ll have husbands that treat them okay,
This young man will go for another,
Ugliness will come up some day,
At least he be a brother.

The more they hide the worse it is,
But it\'ll be as i\'may
People pass periods of time with them, delay,
Sisters play, Oh
Sisters play.