Esther J. Doucet

- Habits -

There is a habit I want to break:
Checking my phone as soon as I wake
And there is another just as important
Learning to live with myself in the moment
Learning to accept the things I can\'t change
Like people\'s personalities
They make their own mistakes
But here is a good one we all should work on
Having the patience to grow a love strong
Stronger than any that you\'ve ever known
It takes more than sitting at dinner with your phone
It takes more than a week and much more than a month
Get off of Facebook and take them to lunch
Show someone you care by listening well
Make a connection, don\'t think of yourself
The world that we live in sets us up for failure
In more ways than one the odds aren\'t in our favor
But little by little if I really try
If I pay attention and look in your eyes
If I put the effort my grandparents did
My patience and work will pay of in the end
If I live in this world but don\'t sell myself out
If I stick to my guns, lay my boundaries out
It\'s true the cards will be all stacked against me
But I am determined to live my life free
Of habits that don\'t do anyone good
That lay the foundation for what\'s understood
and accepted today as normal and fine
If you aren\'t \"progressive\" and get with the times
It\'s true in a way you will get left behind
But what is \"ahead\" and is it so much better?
They realize it\'s not when they finally get there.
Is there danger in living your own way?
You\'ll always have haters but it always pays
I think of myself thirty years from now
I will have many a story to tell
I will have scars that prove all it took
To be real in a world that really tries to fuck
up all the lives of the people today
control us so subtly but it works anyway
But I won\'t be a player in this de-moralizing game
And it starts with the habits that I form today~